Our Vision & Mission


The leader in the field of medical education that focuses on the formation of a specialist, meeting the requirements of international best practices to ensure the health of the nation.


Aspiring Life  implements educational activities through science, practice and innovation.

Taking the quality policy, Aspiring Life management undertakes:

  • To ensure a high level of training for the health care system, meeting the requirements and expectations of all stakeholders.
  • To ensure high competitiveness of the university in the domestic and foreign markets of educational services, scientific, clinical, and innovation
  • Continual improvement and modernization of university infrastructure in order to improve service quality and reduce operations costs.
  • Continuous improvement of quality management system in order to increase the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders.

Taking the Policy in the field of quality management our institute declares the basic principles of its activities:

  • Strategic planning and implementation of the strategic plan of our institute
  • Development and comprehensive support scientific and clinical schools;
    Satisfaction of customers (individual, society, organizations, states) quality of service.
  • The development of student government and student representation in university governance structures.
  • Implementation of innovative technologies to improve the quality of services provided.
  • Human resource development.
  • Development of corporate culture and quality culture.
  • The development of material-technical base and ensuring the effective use of resources.

Goals and Objectives

  • Objective 1 : Improving the educational process.
  • Objective 2 : Development of medical science studies and research along with other relevant streams.
  • Objective 3 : Improvement of language learning concepts.
  • Objective 4 : To ensure the quality of teaching, scientific research and management of the University as a whole.
  • Objective 5 : Develop a highly skilled faculty and our institute as a guarantor of quality of the university.
  • Objective 6 : Improving the management system and providing complete study material to students.
  • Objective 7 : Promote our brand in the education market in Central Asia, South Asia and all over the world.
  • Objective 8 : Development and support of the corporate culture.
  • Objective 9 : Strengthening cooperation with Bangladesh organizations and enterprises.
  • Objective 10 : The further development of international cooperation in the field of education and science.
  • Goal 1 : Improve the quality of the University of educational and extracurricular activities.
  • Goal 2 : Creating a modern infrastructure
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